Pathway leading to German Education

About Germany
Germany, officially called as the Federal Republic of German Deutschland, is the federal parliamentary republic of Europe. The country consist of 16 states while the capital & largest city is Berlin. Germany is in Western and Central Europe , bordering Denmark in the north ,Poland and the Czech Republic in the east ,Australia & Switzerland in the south ,France and Luxembourg in the north east. It share its border with 9 countries. One of the G8 countries in the world. Germany is a modern, cosmopolitan country distinguish by its openness , a high standard of living and multi-natio. German is the official and predominant spoken language in Germany . Germany is famous for the high performance and high quality cars made by Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Bentley Motors , Dresden, Leipzig , Heidelberg.

What is Pathway Programs in Germany?

The pathway to Bachelor programme is a preparation course for non-German speaking students, who would like to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering degree at a German university . In small groups, students of all skill levels will be prepared.

To pass the language test German universities require (TESTDAF) , while also being taught learning skills and a variety of natural science and engineering subjects relevant to the later degree in all streams. After completion of this programme, we guarantee our students a place in a degree programme of their choice at one of the German universities, all of whom are also involved in the creation of the curricula for the pathway programmes. If students would like to complete a master of engineering degree in Germany, due to the renowned high quality of the technical expertise German universities have no tuition fee, the pathway to master programme is the ideal way for you to improve your language skills to enable you to do so-and even guarantees you a place at one of its partners universities ,who are amongst the leading technical universities in Germany.The fee is 8000 Euro Maximum . The pathway programe is designed for one year and students will be placed to bachelor/Master degree programs at German Universities after one year of pathway programs.


  • No tuition fee for Bachelors/Master
  • Become a German Engineer.
  • Internship is guaranteed during studies
  • Foundation/pathway program and part time can be done together ,students get many part time options
  • Pathway institution in Berlin ,the best choice to study in Germany

Normally, it is not easy to begin studying at a German University if you have graduated from secondary school in a non- European country .Our pathway Institutes are authorized to help make your admission to the German university system significantly easier. We will assist you in getting a student visa for Germany. You will spend 9 months pathway Programme training your language, technical and practical skills,in line with your future field of study ,living and learning on one of our pathway campuses .After your successful completion of the pathway, you can continue your studies at a university starting with the foundation year in one of the Bachelor’s or Master programs for which we have prepared you. In Germany there are a number of English-taught and of course, a large number of German -taught bachelor's or master's degree programs .The pathway institute may grant scholarship to the best studuents. We will help you with your application to universities in Germany

Our model is as follows

  • At least 60-65% for bachelors studies
  • More than 75% for medicine(state examination)
  • At least 65% for Master studies

Path way Program

4 years –program
  • Time saving
  • University study in your home country is not necessary
  • You can finish your bachelor's degree in four years
  • Guaranteed study place at your chosen university
  • Prior knowledge of German not necessary
  • Choice of study options

Available subjects

  • engineering
  • medicine
  • communication technology
  • tourism
  • media management
  • sports science
  • health sciences
  • architecture
  • automative
  • communication & signal and more

Partner Universities

  • University of Rostock
  • University of Jena
  • University of Applied Science Jena
  • TU Dresden
  • University of Maiz
  • University of Applied science Zittau
  • University of applied science Zwickat
  • university of applied science LAusitu
  • university of applied science Erfurt
  • University of Mitweide
  • university of Dresden
  • Jade University of applied sciences
  • Kiel I university of applied sciencess
  • university of applied science Bremen
  • Gottfried Wilhelm leibniz university hanover
  • Suedwestfalen university of applied sciences
  • university of applied sciences Hamm-Lippstadt
  • Albert-Ludwigs-university Freiburg
  • Friedrich Alexander university Erlangen-Nurnberg